Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stuff my day was full of...

Driving! I did a lot of that today. This was in my rear view mirror and yes, I was parked! We were waiting for Amelia to get out of school.

Full of Ashton! It was 1/2 day today! Gotta love Cali's weekly half days. I don't ever remember having them as kids! Sheesh.

Then we painted x-mas ornaments. It was fun and kept them occupied for a while! Are you surprised Ashton painted his all RED?

Lastly to end the day, I took the kids to a light display. There is a family that has 2 children with Autism that display this every year. Please look at their website. It's really an AMAZING story!

Belardo Lights

Have a great night everyone!


Randy said...

Thanks, Michelle, for the shout-out. We work very hard on the Belardo Lights display, and I'm glad you enjoyed it and are spreading the word...Randy Schimka (Brandon and Stephen's Dad)

Michele said...

It's amazing for sure! My little guy went to preschool with Stephen! Hope he's doing well! :) Happy Holidays!

David and Emilee said...

Gorgeous lights....gorgeous photos!!