Sunday, January 31, 2010

31/365 - I missed a day

Since I missed this day I thought I'd just add one photo I love (and a place I miss). It's the Valley of Fire in Las Vegas. Such an amazing place!

Valley of Fire

Friday, January 29, 2010

29/365 - The famous Red Arrow

The story behind this place is under the photo! Food was great! Small place, but really neat! So many famous people have visited this place and apparently I sat in the same seat as the Berenaked ladies!

Red Arrow Diner History (copied from their website)

The Red Arrow Diner first opened its doors in Manchester, NH back in 1922! The original founder was David Lamontagne. At one point in time, there were a total of 5 Red Arrow locations throughout the city. The name Levi Letendre also goes hand in hand with the Red Arrow. Levi worked for the Red Arrow for many years, then eventually bought it from the Lamontagnes, and ran it successfully until his retirement in 1978. His legacy continues to carry on at the Red Arrow. After a few more owners, and then finally in early 1987, the Red Arrow Diner was for sale and vacant for the first time since 1922. That is when Carol Sheehan purchased it and brought the diner back to life!

The local diner is often the focal point of the community, and the Red Arrow is certainly no different. We have always been on the cutting edge in the diner area. In May of '98 we made the decision to go 'smoke-free'. This was absolutely unheard of in the diner business, but we did our research. Although it was a little nerve racking, especially when we were picketed in the wee hours before we went smoke-free! Well, things just sky-rocketed from there, then in September of that same year we were 'Voted one of the top ten diners in the country' by USA Today. To this day people travel from all over the world to visit us. Ask to see our guest book and check it out for yourself. Then in 2000 the Red Arrow Diner was finally named a Manchester, NH City Landmark!

Mention politics, and you will see anyone and everyone at the Red Arrow! This past primary was no different. We were followed by and wow what a hoopla it was! 95% of the candidates visited the diner - some of them even twice - they like the food so much. We even saw the likes of Diane Sawyer, who walked in the front door and immediately scoped out our Dinah Fingers!

The Red Arrow has undergone many transformations since the early days, but one thing will never change... and that is keeping up the quality and consistency that The Lamontagne's began back in 1922. We continue to strive each and every day to provide you with the very best the Red Arrow 24 Hr. Diner has to offer!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

28/365 - More white stuff

Well, just as I was about to jump in my car and take a drive to find something fun to photograph today - this started! I don't think it's supposed to amount to anything, but ....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

27/365 - Happy 24th Birthday

My niece turned 24 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHANDICE!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26/365 - Reading

Amelia struggled in Kinder with reading. I even chose to hold her back a year before moving forward to 1st grade because of her struggles. I'm sure glad I did. Last year it clicked about half way through the year. Now she can read chapter books with little help. She loves to read now!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

23/365 - Yahtzee

This morning Amelia and I tried to teach Ashton to play Toy Story Yahtzee. He loved to shake the dice - he actually really really loved to shake the dice! He would get so excited he'd start screaming (his happy scream) and clapping! It was adorable! Amelia had a blast. She loves to play games. Tonight I'm going to have another go at UNO with her after Ashton goes down! She loves that game!

Friday, January 22, 2010

22/365 - A is for Ashton

It's only appropriate I make Ashton my 365 for today. It has been one heck of a day! He woke at 1 am and wouldn't go back down until almost 4:30 (the wonderful joke Autism plays on some of us mothers .. we don't need sleep). Ashton is never affected by the little sleep he gets everyday... me on the other hand - I'll never adjust! He's been in such a mood since coming home from school to. Tantrum after tantrum! Bedtime can't come fast enough and mommy needs a bottle (or two) of wine! So here he is ... in his usual attire, nakedness! One thing you'll always hear me saying in my house is "where's your underwear", lol