Saturday, January 23, 2010

23/365 - Yahtzee

This morning Amelia and I tried to teach Ashton to play Toy Story Yahtzee. He loved to shake the dice - he actually really really loved to shake the dice! He would get so excited he'd start screaming (his happy scream) and clapping! It was adorable! Amelia had a blast. She loves to play games. Tonight I'm going to have another go at UNO with her after Ashton goes down! She loves that game!


Misola said...

wow, wonderful photos here on your blog!!
It's the first time I'm here and my kids just asked me what kind of cat / kitty it is. What have you done with the photo? ;-)
Greetings from germany,
maike aka misola

J. said...

Toy Story yahtzee? FUN!
Cool shot. Love that you're down on the floor with them :)

Anonymous said...

Fun! We've been playing many games of Uno here too!

Michele said...

Misola - thank you! I'm using a Fisheye lens and that gives the picture a distorted effect. Thanks for visiting my blog :)