Saturday, April 9, 2011

A.Skate - skate clinics for children with Autism

Last sunday Ashton was able to participate in an A.Skate event at Girl Warehouse in LA. He participated last November in San Clemente at Ryan Sheckler's skate pad and enjoyed it SO much. This time around he enjoyed it just the same - if not more. What A.Skate is doing for kids on the spectrum is phenomenal. Seeing the smiles on ALL the kids faces and the interactions between the kids and skater volunteers is priceless!  I can't say enough about this organization! Check them out A.Skate Website

Here are a few images I took from the day (warning: photo overload) - 

Thanks A.Skate for another amazing day!!!!

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misspouty said...

wow! all your pictures look amazing! Are they your kids? I stumbled upon randomly and couldn't stop scrolling down. Following you now:D