Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13/365 - for all of you Dunkin lovers

As you all know I am a Starbucks chic all the way! I love my Soy Quad White Mocha No Whip - THANK YOU! Sometimes when I really need to wake up I'll order 4 shots of espresso over ice (that's my summer drink to). Well, there are days I have to settle for DD .. days like today when I had the kids and couldn't drag them into Target ... so here is my 365 today .... Dunkin Donuts :(

By the way, YAY me for keeping up with this! :)


Anonymous said...

yes, yay for you for keeping it up. I'm following way behind. :)


Alicia said...

i think i'm going to be loving these fisheye photos!! this is sooo cool!